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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Doa Untuk Saat Sakit, Kemurungan dan Malapetaka

One of his prayers in sickness, distress and calamity.

O Lord, all praise is due to Thee for bodily health in which I move about. All praise is due to Thee for such disease as Thou didst cause in my body.

For, 1 do not know, O Lord, which of the two states is more suitable for thanking Thee and which of the two times is preferable for praising Thee. Either the time of health wherein Thou didst cause Thy pure Nourishment to support me; whereby Thou didst make me happy in earning Thy Approbation and Favor and whereby Thou didst strengthen me for such of Thy Services as Thou gayest me grace to perform.

Or the time of sickness, whereby Thou didst purify me and the blessings Thou didst confer on me, in order to lighten (remit) such sins as were lying heavily upon my back, by way of purifying me from such inequity as I plunged into, by way of warning me to be prompt in repentance and in order to induce me to try to blot out my transgressions? All this through Thy eternal Favor!

And in the meantime, what the scribes have recorded to my credit of pure deeds, which no mind has ever thought of, no tongue uttered, and no limb toiled for- only by way of kindness from Thee to me and of Thy gracious Favor to me.

O Lord, therefore. bless Muhammad and his descendant.

Make agreeable to me what Thou has, approved of for me. Lighten for me what Thou hast visited upon me. Purify me of the taint of that sin which I committed beforehand. Remove from me the evil results of what I have performed. Confer on me the sweetness of good health. Make me taste the coolness of peace.

Let my recovery from my illness be accompanied with Thy Forgiveness. Let my restoration from my fall lead to Thy Pardon. Let my release from distress be followed by comfort and my rescue from this affliction, by Thy Deliverance.

Verily Thou art benevolently Kind, bountifully Gracious, magnificently Generous and the Possessor of Greatness

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